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Hydropower Practice Seminar:

Power Plant Construction – Technology & Components

Friday, 30th November, 9 am –   1 pm


40,00 Euro*: Hydropower Practice Seminar: Power Plant Construction – Technology & Components

*plus 20 % VAT.

Please find the complete German program here


Block 1: Solutions and innovations
Introduction and moderation: Prof. Helmut Benigni, Graz University of Technology
09.05:  Introduction to power plant construction: Current examples of optimized turbines technologies

Prof. Helmut Benigni, Graz University of Technology

Maintenance 4.0 – How to optimize power plant maintenance based on control data
Peter Reiter, seamtec GmbH
09.35: Mini Hydro @Voith – Realization of hidden potential in the area of ​​small hydropower
Dipl.-Ing. Philipp Daus, Voith Hydro Holding GmbH & Co. KG
09.50: The turbine supplier contribution to SHPP optimization at feasability stage
Silvia di Bona, ZECO di Zerbaro E Costa E C. S.r.l.


The mobile hydroelectric power plant: experience report and possible applications
Peter Marx, HSI HYDRO ENGINEERING GMBHShaft Hydropower Plant Großweil on the river Loisach: New construction of the plant
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Otto Mitterfelner, SWR Mitterfelner
10.35: Questions and discussion
10.50: Coffe break
Block 2: Components in power plant construction
Introduction and moderation

Otto Mitterfelner, SRW Mitterfelner

11.20:  Renovation of KW Brennerwerk/Tiwag
Alois Kluibenschädl, Alpe Kommunal- und Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG
11.35:  Tesla’s World – A new era of conscious hydro power technologies
Deane Thomas, True Tesla Technologies Limited
11.50:  Economic-ecological piping construction, mechanical protection for steel, cast iron pipes, GRP, PE, PP, PVC pipes with pipe protection mats or pipe guards.
Horst Hampl, HTI Gienger
12.05:  Convert wooden river debris to high-quality solid fuel
Zoltán Szamosi PhD, Agricarbon Kft.
12.20:  COANDA-Rake – the long-lasting and self-cleaning water intake for alpine applications
DI Dr. Serafin Knitel, Stocker Technik GmbH
12.35: Low head hydroelectric turbines, the future of hydro development
Harry Terry, Turbiwatt
Questions and discussion
1 PM:
Lunch break and exhibition visit



REECO Austria GmbH
REECO Austria GmbH

Fee: 40,00 EUR plus 20% VAT, including conference proceedings by download