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VGB Expert Event

Inspection, maintenance and refurbishment of hydropower plants

Friday, 30th November 2018,  9 AM – 4 PM

Content and aim of the event:

Innovative approaches to the operations and maintenance (O&M) of hydropower facilities are needed to ensure optimal performance. Poor operations and maintenance, through a lack of investment, inadequate training or outdated approaches, can cause high outage rates, performance losses and increased operating costs. This can lead to lost energy production, reduced revenues and in some cases result in safety and environmental concerns.

Choosing whether to maintain or upgrade hydropower plant components can be difficult. Poor original equipment reliability can force changes, but often a detailed cost-benefit analysis is needed to make decisions. Understanding success at your plant. Risk-based approaches allow an efficient prioritization based on highest risk, cost reduction and fast risk identification.

The VGB epert workshop will provide a comprehensive overview for maintaining hydropower assets and aims at transferring knowledge in order to benefit from innovative and new developed approaches and will mainly highlight the following topics:

  • Technical products for facilitating maintenance
  • Innovative software tools
  • Maintenance approaches for status detection
  • Condition monitoring


Organizer: VGB PowerTech e.V 

Partner: REECO Austria GmbH 


Dr. Mario Bachhiesl, VGB PowerTech e.V.

Event language: English

Target groups: Hydropower plant operators, manufacturers, project developer, component suppliers

non VGB members: 400,00 EUR
VGB members: 250,00 EUR
including the conference proceeding by download



Contact and Information:
Your contact for organization:
Dagmar Oppenkowski (Assistant Hydropower)
Phone: +49 201 8128 237

Your contact for content:
Mario Bachhiesl (Head of Renewables and Distributed Generation)
Phone: +49 201 8128 270
Mobile: +49 151 18248023