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Technical excursion to the power plant Lehen

Friday, 30th of November 2018, 3:30 pm – 6 pm



0,00 Euro*: Technical Excursion to Power Plant Lehen

*Free of charge for trade fair visitors


Meeting point:
Marktplatz of the trade fair

Target groups:
Conference attendees, visitors, exhibitos, press and other interessted people

Background/Core message:

  • Technical data:
    – The Lehen power station is located on the Salzach river in the urban core of Salzburg, 63,765 km upstream from the mouth of the Salzach river into the Inn.
    – In Salzburg, the Salzch has a low level flow rate of 54 m3/s, a median water flow rate of 174 m3/s and a Q100 flow rate of 2,300 m3/s.
    – The power station has 4 weir gates and a powerhouse with 2 Kaplan pit turbines, maximum flow rate 250 m3/s, gross head 6.3 m, no hydro-peaking.
  • Fish ladder:
    – VERTICAL SLOT, height difference between the pools 0.15 m, pool dimensions 1.9 x 3 m, average depth 1 m, slot width 0.3 m, energy density <120 W/m3, base inclination 1:20, flow velocity 30 cm above the base 0.3 m/s.
    – Riverbed interface of the fish ladder both up and downstream.
    – Constant year-round dotation from upstream water at 0.4 m3/s with additional dynamic dotation to the lower pools (with an energy reduction system!) up to 1.64 m3/s when the flow rate increases by 500 m3/s.
    – The required dotation is controlled by monitoring the difference between the tailwater level of the Saalach and the outflow of the fish ladder (Dh < 0.15 m).
  • Bypass channel:
    – A natural appearing riverbed ramp is integrated as a bypass channel for spawning trouts, huchen, barbels and graylings among other species – length 600 m, width up to 10 m, dynamic dotation varies according to the flow of the Salzach between 0.5-1.5 m3/s, kept constant at 0.5 m3/s in the winter (Oct.-Mar.), rinsing of the fine sediment (sand/glacier silt) when necessary at 2.5 m3/s.
    The bypass channel shares the outflow with a flood relief channel of the Glan, one of the city’s streams. This outflow area has always been a spawning grounds for huchen.
  • Emergency dotation:
    – The water in fish ladder and the bypass channel are constantly redirected in emergencies via a pump at 0.5 m3/s.
  • Downstream fish movement:
    – Drain funnel with a ventilated drainage pipe in the dividing column between the main structure and the first weir gate, dotation at 0.8 m3/s from the weir overflow.

As part of the 5th Ecological Hydropower Development conference, will take place the visit of the salzach power plant Salzburg/Lehen of Salzburg AG. Through the professinal guidance the conference attendees, visitors, exhibitors and other interessted people get insihgt ofer fish ladders, and bypassing channels. Additionally other ecological accompanying measures will be explained.


REECO Austria GmbH
REECO Austria GmbH


Salzburg AG