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Joint booths


Joint booth Hydropower

In Europe hydropower provides a high background of environment friendly power supply. To produce power as much as possible an exceptional technique is needed. Companies which provide such techniques combine innovation, economy and ecology.

We give polish companies the opportunity to present their developments and ideas, product and service upgrades or research developments. The aim of the joint booth is to enable innovative companies to promote their products and services and make it accessible to the public. Participating in the joint stand will make your presentation at RENEXPO® INTERHYDRO as easy as possible.


Joint booth Association´s meeting point

The Associations‘ Meeting Point is a special exhibition area, where associations and other non-profit organisations have the possibility to inform about their activities, their projects and the latest news of the sector. This should be an inspiring space within the trade fair full of provocative questions about the future. This concept allows to hear today the answers of tomorrow. Questions about legal frameworks, professional networks, new markets should be answered here!

Czech Republic

Czech Republic Joint booth

Although the Czech Republic is geographically a small country, this country is known almost everywhere in the world. Beautiful landscapes can be seen here. On three sides of the country there are mountains that are like a horseshoe around the country. Water is the most important renewable energy source in the Czech Republic, accounting for over 70% of the total production of renewable electricity. In addition to several large power plants, a large number of smaller power plants exist.


Polish Joint booth

The use of hydropower to produce energy has a long tradition in Poland, despite the fact that the conditions are relatively low. The territory of Poland consists largely of deep plains, even a mediocre rain intensity and usually high permeability to the soil have a limiting effect on the water resources. Despite the unfavorable conditions mentioned at the beginning, a well-developed network of smaller hydroelectric power plants is already to be found in Poland, and investors are still interested in further expanding these investments.

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe Joint booth

We offer companies from the countries of Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine and Hungary the opportunity to present themselves with their products, processes or services. The aim of the joint booth is to enable companies to market their products at low cost and make them accessible to the public. In addition, the joint booth provides a common platform for sharing experiences and transferring knowledge.

Western Balkans

Western Balkans Joint booth

The Balkans are one of the regions in Europe that have grown enormously in recent years. In the area of hydroelectric power, the potential of many rivers, which has not yet been fully exploited for electricity generation, is to be better exploited by a few large-scale projects and the construction of numerous small hydropower plants.

The joint stand for companies from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina offers you a unique opportunity to present your products, processes or services at the RENEXPO interHYDRO®.