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Partner country Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is the partner country of RENEXPO® INTERHYDRO of this year, from which 5% of trade visitors came last year.

Hydropower, with a share of more than 70 percent of the total production of renewable electricity, is the most important renewable energy provider in the Czech Republic.

  • Opening ceremony, Wednesday 29.11.17

    11.00: Introduction
    Dipl.-Ing. Johann-Georg Röhm
    Managing Director REECO Austria GmbH, Salzburg
    Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Josef Schwaiger
    Provincial Council of the Province of Salzburg
    Partner country Czech Republic
    Martina Tauberova, Head of Economy and Trade department, Embassy of the Czech Republic in Wien

  • Czech Republic Joint booth

    For the first time, Czech companies are presenting themselves at RENEXPO® INTERHYDRO, organized in close cooperation with CzechInvest.

  • 1st Eastern Europe Hydropower Forum

    10:10:Development of small hydropower in Czech Republic through the history and now
    Lukáš Hlavatý, Representative of Ministry of Industry and Trade of Czech Republic
    Břetislav Skácel, Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Cluster CREA Hydro&Energy

Non-finantial supporter:

Partner Region Western Balkans

Why invest in hydropower in the Western Balkans region?

All Balkan states have committed themselves, within the framework of the “Energy Community” (European Commission) to increase their share of renewable energies to 25-40%.
In the field of hydroelectric power, the potential of many rivers, which has not yet been fully exploited for electricity generation, is to be better exploited by a few large-scale projects and the construction of thousands of small hydroelectric power plants. Some countries have already issued concessions for interesting sites.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has about 3500 MW of unused hydropower potential. Macedonia about 5500 GWH, of which only about 27% are used. Montenegro, although it is only a small country, has an abundance of hydropower resources. The planned re-commissioning of 15 small hydropower plants in Serbia is another example of the rapid developments in this region. And even in mountainous Albania the first projects of international small-scale hydropower investors have already been realized.

Is there any funding and who could finance my project?

The fast-growing interest of investors in new projects and the willingness of state institutions to provide the necessary funding is a good prerequisite for the rapid realization of hydropower projects.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) contributes significantly to this development by virtue of its great financial performance. Recently, 51 projects with a total of € 240 million were supported.

How can I find excellent projects and trustworthy partners?

The REECO Group has been organizing an Investor Business Lounge for several years in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and now for the first time in Salzburg.

How do I get information, fast and uncomplicated?


Non-finantial supporter:

Partner continent Africa

Hydropower now supplies 32 percent of the total African energy supply. However, its potential is only seven per cent exhausted on the continent with a current output of 20 gigawatts per year. Currently, many hydropower projects are being promoted within the framework of development cooperation between Europe and Africa.

  • Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP)

    The RECP is a programme of the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP), a partnership between the European Union and the African Union


    Traditionally many European renewable energy companies, investors and producers seek business opportunities outside the EU, especially in Africa and Latin America. RENEXPO INTERYDRO promote these activities by acting as information hub between European, African and international initiatives.

  • 1st Africa Small Hydropower Forum (Wednesday, 29.11.2017)

    In this Forum, the challenges of small and medium-sized hydropower plants in Africa will be financed, discussed, analyzed and solutions presented. Selected case studies are presented. A panel of top experts will discuss and discuss the key words of the industry.

  • 1st Africa Small Hydropower Match-Making Event (Wednesday,  29.11.2017)

    The match-making event provides European and African participants with the opportunity to find new business partners, exchange information and experience on hydropower projects in Africa. In addition, the participants can meet experts on the legal, financial and technical aspects of the development of hydropower in Africa.

  • Opening Ceremony (Wednesday,  29.11.2017)

    11:00: Introduction
    Dipl.-Ing. Johann-Georg Röhm
    Managing Director of REECO Austria GmbH, Salzburg
    Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Josef Schwaiger
    Provincial Council of the Province of Salzburg
    Partner Country Czech Republic
    Martina Tauberova, Head of Economy and Trade department, Embassy of the Czech Republic in Wien
    Partnerkontinent Afrika
    Alexander Huppertz, Project Manager, Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP)


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